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They follow the main prescriptions of Judaism and speak Yiddish, a language based on German, and have preserved their traditional and spiritual culture, first names and last names.

The Jews in the Caucasus and the Judaism they brought into the region attracted the attention of historians, ethnographers, culturologists, linguists, and philologists some 130 years ago.

They did not come in great numbers but they were active individuals such as soldiers, artisans and traders.

Araby (alzhirtsy, araby Ob'edinennykh Arabskikh Emiratov, araviijtsy, bakhreijntsy, egiptyane, iordantsy, iraktsy, ijementsy, katartsy, kuveijttsy, livantsy, liviijtsy, mavritantsy, marokkantsy, omantsy, palestintsy, saudovtsy, siriijtsy, sudantsy, tunistsy)Kazakhi (adaij, argyn, bersh, zhagaijbaijly, zhappas, kereij, kypchak with language Kazakh, naijman with language Kazakh, nogaij with language Kazakh, stepskie kazakhi, tabyn, tama, torkara, turatinskie kazakhi, uak)Russkie (zatundrennye krestyane, indigirschiki, kamenschiki, karymy, kerzhaki, kolymskie, kolymchane, lenskie starozhily, mezentsy, obskie starozhily, pokhodchane, russko-ustintsy, semeijskie, yakutyane, yamskie)Tatary sibirskie (baraba, barabintsy, bokharly, bukhartsy, zabolotnye tatary, kalmaki, kurdaksko-sargatskie tatary, paraba, sibir tatarlar, tarlik, tarskie tatary, tevrizskie tatary, tobolik, tobolskie tatary, turamintsy, tyumensko-tyurinskie tatary, chaty, eushtintsy, yaskolbinskie tatary)Evens (ilkan, lamut, lamut-namatkan, mene, oven, ovon, oroch with language even, orocheel, orochel, oroqen with language even, tungusy with language even, turgekhal, yvyn, eben, evon, evyn, even, eves)Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.

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Muller in his book "Capitalism and the Jews": He doesn't mention the name of this "Ukrainian anti-Semite".

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JUDAISM IN THE CAUCASUS: HISTORICAL ESSAY Abstract The author looks at one of the least studied pages of Caucasian history— Judaism and its spread in the region.

The mountain Jews call themselves tongue and have preserved their traditional material and spiritual culture, Judaism as their religion, and their way of life.

Their language is built on the vocabulary of mainly Iranian extraction, however religious terms are traditional,.

He has covered the main versions of why the Jews arrived in the Caucasus in the first place and describes the stable and largest communities of Caucasian Jews. Judaism and its Main Dogmas Like elsewhere in the world, in the Caucasus Judaism lives alongside Christianity and Islam.

Russian Federation is a dual-national state with over 185 ethnic groups designated as nationalities, population of these groups varying enormously, from millions in case of e.g.

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