Dating an identical twin

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When people have twins or higher order multiples, they are often strongly advised to help each child develop on separate paths, and this may be very important especially in adolescence.In a way, twins maturing have two roles: to establish an identity that is separate from their parents, and to establish an identity separate from their twin.But what I think people are really interested in, and what they can’t quite put into words when they ask all those questions, is: What is it like? This is hard to answer, because I don’t have anything to compare it to. When I was born, I formed an attachment to my mother, of course, and my father, yes, but the attachment to my brother was real before anything else.It’s may be no surprise, then, that I am still single.Just like we were a split egg, we're now, in some ways, a split person: we balance each other out, and we need the other one to feel complete.As angry as we get when people refer to us as one person, twins know that there is truth to their statements: our identity is not found individually, but together...

Anyway, the disturbingly close sisters clearly share many things, including a passion for plastic surgery, an Instagram account, and a boyfriend. Apparently the twins met Ben on Facebook five years ago, so they finally decided it’s about damn time they get married.

But throw in a second YOU into that already experimental mix, and LAWRD! Usually when I meet other twins, there's an instant friendship born & we immediately dive into twin talk: how similar our experiences growing up have been, what our relationship with our sisters are like, and how there really is this weird "twin bond" we can't explain to other people...

From basic experience and conversations with my new BFFS, one thing I'm confident in is that most guys don't know how to handle "twin bonds".

This is not always the case, however, and certainly some people of single birth may have exceptionally close relationships with siblings.

There is some evidence to suggest that the closeness between some sets of twins may be even greater and more intimate than that in marriages.

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