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Some Quaternary dating methods are well established, while others are in the early stages of development.

will provide a readily accessible platform to rapidly communicate the latest developments and applications in these emerging fields, as well as improvements made to more traditional methods of age determination.

Geochronology differs in application from biostratigraphy, which is the science of assigning relative ages of sedimentary rocks by describing, cataloging, and comparing fossil assemblages within them.

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Age models are vitally important for palaeoecological/palaeoclimatological studies, especially when multiple proxy archives need to be compared (e.g., an EPD search for mid-Holocene sites).There is growing scientific appreciation of the complexity of the Quaternary Period.This has increased the demand on geochronological techniques to deliver increasingly more accurate and precise ages, which underpin attempts to determine the causes and consequences of events at a variety of temporal and spatial scales.Second, creationists appeal to the Omphalos hypothesis and argue that God deceptively created the world to appear old.This is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, and is unscientific.

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