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Adderall has been used recreationally around me since high school.Junior year, my friends crushed up their pills and left lines in the bathroom stalls behind the toilet seat.Zoey, Jackie’s plucky and loyal mentee (supporting actress Emmy winner Merrit Wever), is there to witness the potentially career-ending blunder.Zoey reluctantly confides in nursing manager Gloria Akilitus (Anna Deavere Smith), but only that it’s “somewhat possible that that Jackie [is] using drugs again.Plus summer is coming up and i know what to do if i can't wear tank tops because of ugly bruises and track marks. I personally could no way go back to snorting or smoking like I used to because IVing is just so efficient, cheap, and easy. Yeah true I'd seriously have to do over a brick a day if I were snorting it.

In all seriousness, I was probably one of the first generations of kids who used Adderall for “fun.”I didn't even think of it as a study drug. It kept you out later, it made you more talkative and it felt “cleaner” than cocaine (or meth, which was popular among suburban high school students in the early 2000s).We were more interested in the fact that you could drink a shit ton of booze on Adderall and not black out.By the time I was 18, I said no to drugs — prescription pills and others entirely.A lot of good things and bad things have happened during my life, which has been a roller coaster. I live for the day, never think of the future and the past is gone.So I am always loving and living as if it is my last day.” There has been a new home in Florida, a fast-moving life, fundraising for a cancer hospital in Melbourne, Australia, and her celebration of 20 years next year of beating cancer.

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