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If their's one thing I've learned so far in the jungle, it's how to 'tree-stalk'. He had golden-tan fur, with bright amber eyes and a beautiful- I shook my head. It was a bad decision to shake my head, I soon realized, though, that it was a bad idea to shake my head, as the leaves rustled, causing a considerable amount of noise. Honestly, though, that was good enough for me."I SAID SHOW YOURSELF! Slowly, I began to climb down the tree, when I hopped off completely. That's what you get for making fun of me being...know..." He explained in a slightly hushed voice, head nudging towards me at the 'well..know...'"Know what? As we walked up, about 20 feet into the climb, a female lion joined us."Hey Simba! " She asked in a rather girly voice that proves my that my guess about her being a girl correct."Oh hey Nala! I then heard Simba whisper something, but I wasn't able to hear this, which was pretty amazing, considering my hearing. " I asked."Well..wise, we have more of a trio than just us.

Eventually, I had reached a tiny clearing, where a warthog, a lion, and a meerkat rested. This caused all three of their heads to snap up, most likely searching for me."Someone's watching us..."The lion obviously stated."Where are you? I could tell by the look in Simba's eyes that he was pissed that I was spying on him. I was a terrible fighter,rather weak and skinny too, considering they only used to feed me enough to give me the energy to not pass out during a day of fucking."Who're you? I immediatly flattened my ears and lowered my head to hope to at least SHOW him that I wasn't going to fight back."My names Mtumwa... It's just, I've been wandering through this jungle for the past three days, and..tends to get pretty boring and lonely! I could see Simba to relax, and I let my ears go up a bit, hoping to no longer be COMPLETELY submissive...after all, I had had enough of that know what I mean."It's fine... Sorry I was being so aggresive...where's your pride anyways? I put on a deeper frown as memories began to flood back inside of my head."I don't want to talk about them..." I explained."Oh.. This is an outlander lion I met in the forest, he left his pride for reasons he doesn't want to talk about though." He explained to the girl."Oh..hi! " She asked with a baffled look on her face."It means...uh..means slave in swahili..." I nervously replied, my face scarlet red, ashamed and embarrased at the name my parents and pride had given me."That's terrible! We continued to walk up the rock while Simba and Nala laughed about when they were both younger, and just the other day. We met Ziwa a couple of years ago and we've been friends ever since!

Microsoft recently created an Artificial Intelligent chatbot that interacts with human users via a twitter account.

The AI quickly devolved into a sex-crazed conspiracy theorist, according to reports.

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I saw Simba and Nala walk in ahead of me, so I followed."Hey, dad? Nala and Simba had stopped together in front of me to hide me from the kings and queens point of view."Well... I looked up and gave a meek smile, brushing my mane out of the way so that he could see BOTH of my eyes."Ummmm...h-hi." Was the only thing that I was able to say."Welcome! " He asked with a large smile on his face."M-Mtumwa...thank you for letting me join the pride! My dad wasn't very happy about her, but my mother let her stay. " Ziwa asked in a voice that made it seem like her voice hadn't COMPLETELY developed yet, making her still sound rather young."Ummm...w-why?"As well as the people who want to talk dirty, there are men who want a deeper sort of relationship or companionship."Eckstein estimated that around five per cent of all interactions with the Robin chatbot were "clearly sexually explicit".Eckstein claimed that some of these users, may even be developing romantic feelings for their devices.Short review: The words home-made porno immediately conjures photographs of shaky camerawork and 10 2nd flicks that end abruptly with some babe screaming, hey whats that reddish light in the closet! Even the preview pages manage to set themselves apart with extremely sex-appealing visuals and manifestly novice content presented in the most professional way.The scenes inside claim to be taped in secret or with the babes knowledge and sent in by a jilted butt pirate or just a fun couple who wants to share their sex tape.

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