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According to TMZ, Michele's new model/actor boyfriend of a few months, Matthew Paetz, has been peddling his wares on an escort website called Cowboys4Angels (prominently featured on Showtime's upsettingly unsexy hooker series Gigolos.) The self-described "certified life coach, dating expert and massage therapist" charges upwards of 0 for one hour of companionship, or up to ,000 for a full weekend, which is A LOT of life coaching and dating advice and massage therapy.

Perhaps Glee's Lea Michele could answer that question as that is exactly what's going on with her right now!

According to tons of fan-shot You Tube videos, during Cyrus' recent Milan leg of her Bangerz Tour, she sang the angry kiss-off song "FU" while carting around a crudely-drawn cardboard cut-out featuring Gomez's face and then ended up "flinging the cardboard into the crowd." Tons of smooth-brains out there immediately surmised that Justin Bieber had something to do with it, because isn't that always the reasons girls fight? But one need only have a remedial knowledge of both Cyrus and Gomez' resumes to know their shared history is long and intertwined.

Before Wizards of Waverly made Selena Gomez a star (well, a star to your children and also thirtysomething creeps who watch the Disney Channel at 3 a.m.), she had a recurring part on Hannah Montana, the show that had already made Cyrus a household name (again, if your household has children or thirtysomething creeps).

Let's just compromise and say that hooker moms are the oldest profession.) That is because some people are very attractive and also super chill about sex and also want to be able to afford shopping at Whole Foods, so I guess they figure they might as well sex up two birds with one sex stone. You of all people know what I'm saying, but here's where things get interesting: What happens when a very prominent celebrity enters a new relationship and TMZ discovers that the new 'special friendly friend' is a working hooker?

But come on, everybody, this is simply a gender-reversed Pretty Woman scenario (or, you know, maybe she's just living out that one plotline from ).

She was just 26 at the time, while Geoffrey was 66. Later, the Melbourne businessman, then aged 71, began dating former prostitute Gabi Grecko, who was just 25 at the time.After his split from Gabi, he was linked to Playboy model Ashley Kirk.Ashley previously claimed she was 26, but Daily Mail Australia later revealed she is actually 32.I have no room in my life at present for a man,' she wrote.Among the many challenges of entering a new relationship — keeping communication breezy, rounding the bases only after the proper number of dates, making yourself vulnerable to lasting and permanent damage should things not work out (LOL) — perhaps the greatest challenge in a new relationship is facing the risk that your new boyfriend or girlfriend was once a hooker. Anyway, Michele met Paetz on the set of her music video for "On My Way" and though TMZ reports that he'd recently squired a client to the Stagecoach festival back in April, he seems to have shuttered his escorting profile since starting his relationship with Michele.

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