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List boxes, radio buttons and all of the other controls that give users choices all do so to make sure that the provide data in the correct format.

If the Validating event is not canceled, the dialog will get notified with the Validated event: Since each control has Causes Validation set to true by default, to allow the user to cancel the dialog without entering valid data, make sure to set the Causes Validation property to false for your Cancel or Close button: As much as I lean on the message box in my test development, I prefer not to use it for actual applications.

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For instance, let's say my integer property has to be an odd number.

Here's the sequence of events: Bad data: (1) Validating.

(I set ) (2) Parse (3) Binding Complete Good data: (1) Validating (2) Parse (3) Binding Complete (4) Validated ETA2: A bit more info and a work-around.

This behavior was achieved by dragging an Error Provider component onto the dialog and handling the Validating event like so: Notice the call to Error Provider.

Set Error, passing in the control the error is associated with (which we get from the sender argument to the Validating event), along with the error string, which will be used as the tool tip.

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