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In June 2015, the Commission approved a €3 billion German state aid scheme to promote investment in high speed broadband infrastructure, especially for rural areas where private investment is lacking.Vectoring technology allows increased broadband speed over the existing copper network beyond the highest levels normally achieved via very high speed digital subscriber lines (VDSL). However, as a side-effect, competitors are no longer able to gain physical access to individual copper lines leading to the customers, and are therefore prevented from providing their own high speed internet products to them.The introduction of an adequate virtual unbundled local access (VULA) product can compensate the negative effects of vectoring.In September 2016, Germany notified to the Commission three VULA products proposed by Deutsche Telekom, DNS: Net and Net Cologne for their respective broadband roll-out projects under the national next generation access (NGA) scheme.In 2016, Federico Villagra stepped onto the third step of the truck category podium, which was a first in the history of Argentinean motor sports.

Young people have demonstrated, time and again, that they are willing to show solidarity and contribute to their communities.State aid: Commission approves high speed internet solutions for rural areas in Germany The European Commission has endorsed under EU state aid rules three German virtual access products that will allow the use of so-called vectoring technology in state funded high speed broadband networks.This will boost connectivity in rural areas, whilst maintaining competition in the Single Market. Petersburg, Russia, Vladislav Doronin first visited the Hermitage with his mother.Though the museum is perhaps best known for its Impressionist paintings, the works that resonated with Doronin were those by the Russian avant-garde.

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