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Red color has a predominant light wavelength of roughly 620–740 nanometers.

Light with a longer wavelength than red but shorter than terahertz radiation and microwave is called infrared.

He threw 102 pitches which matched his high mark of season. We lost a big, strong quiet leader who had a connection with Cincinnati Reds fans. Doug Gray joined me for another discussion of Reds prospects, from Triple-A down to the rookie league.

Among the burning questions were: Is Nick Senzel ready now and, if so, where does he play?

The fourth-place finish in the division in 2014 will be Price’s high-water …

Lately, it seems to me that every post discussing the lack of success of many of the Reds’ young pitchers is accompanied by some number of comments about the players being “rushed” because of need at the big league level. My perception was that these guys were making debuts roughly …

Margaret Matheson and her assistant, physicist Tom Buckley, are specialists in disclosing fraudulent paranormal phenomena.

When the famous psychic Simon Silver reappears to his public after many years of absence, Tom becomes singularly obsessed in determining whether Silver is a fraud or not.


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